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Social Responsibility  

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 In order to strengthen the cooperation between colleges and universities and regional linkages, to practice university social responsibility, and to nurture university students who can create value for local development, the Ministry of Education has launched the “University Social Responsibility Promotion Center Project” since 106 years to guide the teacher-student program of partner schools. The executive team plays a key local think tank role in regional development. It actively explores local needs, solves problems, and helps regional integration through local division of labor and cooperation to promote the innovative development of SMEs and community culture; through the learning process. It also allows the university students to feel "needed by the community" and to pool their recognition of regional development. In the future, the project will require the central ministries, local governments, industrial clusters, community groups, and colleges and universities to work together to create innovative values ​​that are in line with the urban, rural, industrial and cultural development.