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Not only sharing information and searching for new paths in the field of biotechnology, but also closer links between European and Asian science was the mission of the 14th Asian Congress on Biotechnology, which was held near Taipei in Taiwan in early July. Ivo Frébort, Director of CRH, as a member of the Executive Board of the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) took part in this event.
  “It is important to link the two biotechnology worlds together. Asian science has advanced a lot, with many young emerging scientists, whose quality is rising significantly. We need to respond to this situation, share information and find new solutions to global problems together. We can find inspiration in Asia in many ways, for example, the system of transferring scientific resullts into practice is much more flexible,” added Frébort, who was the only Czech invited speaker this year. Jitka Frébortová from the Department of Chemical Biology and Genetics of CRH also presented a lecture and Carlos Diaz from the Department of Molecular Biology of CRH took part in the poster section.
  In 2014, the European Federation of Biotechnology concluded a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Asian Federation of Biotechnology. Since then, the cooperation has intensified, among other things, through mutual participation of the leaders of both federations at biotechnology biennale. This year, EFB was represented for the first time in Taiwan by President Mathias Uhlén and three vice-presidents.

Deepening the existing cooperation and establishing new contacts were the main objective of the visit of  Wen-Chien Lee, President of the Asian Federation of Biotechnology (AFOB), to Palacký University and the Center of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research (CRH), which is also the regional branch office of the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB). One concrete step will be the preparation of a Memorandum of Cooperation.
“Palacký University excels in the field of biotechnology and agrarian research and I am delighted that we are visited by personalities such as the main representative of the AFOB. I know that thanks to Ivo Frébort, Director of CRH, and other scientists, contacts between the European and Asian Federations of Biotechnology are very rich and personal contacts are even more extensive. It is a sign that our university means something in the field of biotechnology. One of the results of the meeting is an agreement on the preparation of a memorandum between Palacký University, the Asian Federation of Biotechnology, and National Chung Cheng University, where Professor Lee works”, said Rector Jaroslav Miller after Friday’s meeting.
  The scientist, who focuses mainly on protein isolation and purification, visited Olomouc for the first time. “I am pleased to have visited the University and the Center of the Region Haná, which focuses on plant biotechnology and is one of the best workplaces in its field. This area of research is of great importance in Asia, so we can look for topics for cooperation,” said President of AFOB.