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Research Highlights  

This is an image Bias in AI, an interdisciplinary project from the College of Social Sciences of Chung Cheng University exposes digital technology risks.
This is an image Turning on the light of opportunity for undergraduate entrepreneurship, Chung Cheng University launches the Innovation-Creativity-Creation-Entrepreneurship Program and other alternative microlecture learning programs.
This is an image Chung Cheng University builds its personal brand as "India Expert" to find a way forward for South Asia marketing.
This is an image Sharp increase in video demands during the pandemic, the CCU team of Electrical Engineering with the design of high-energy-saving image debugging chip won a silver medal in Macronix Golden Silicon Awards.
This is an image Chung Cheng University joins hands with India's largest industrial alliance to cultivate international start-up entrepreneurships.
This is an image Success in producing more than 100 synthetic human milk oligosaccharides, Associate Professor Ching-Ching Yu from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has been recognized by the Ta-You Wu Memorial Award.
This is an image Industry-academic collaboration uses digital technology to improve human rights for migrant fishers and to facilitate the sustainable development in the distant water fisheries.
This is an image To trace the unknown causes of infection, a professor of Chung Cheng University plans to establish the database of local pathogens discovered in Taiwan.
This is an image To help build the high-end gear manufacturing center in Taiwan, Chung Cheng University 40 million-dollar technology transferred to the company at Minsyong Industrial Park.
This is an image 2021 CCU Academic Research Awards, 12 faculty members were recognized by their outstanding research achievements.
This is an image New highlights in diplomacy, Taiwan and India teamed up to develop Smart Pandemic Prevention System against the Covid-19 crisis.
This is an image New breakthrough in infant formula study, scientists from Chung Cheng University developed method for facile fucosylated human milk oligosaccharide synthesis.
This is an image Teachers and students from the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of Chung Cheng University visited the Gukeng-Meishan fault zone and set up one hundred seismographs to track the earthquake activities.
This is an image Taiwan-India Joint Research Center on AI signed the MoU with Indian company Tech Mahindra Limited to ignite new momentum for forward-looking technologies.
This is an image Taiwan Sign Language interpreting stories of coronavirus, Chung Cheng University sign language research team took part in RIES transnational project.
This is an image A breakthrough in stratum health inspection, Chung Cheng University develops 3D Tomography Technology for Construction Engineering application.
This is an image Pineapple waste turned into Xylo-oligoSaccharide, Professor Wen-Chien Lee from Department of Chemical Engineering at Chung Cheng University develops the technology to enhance its productivity.
This is an image In order to protect the traditional tribal culture, three indigenous innovative entrepreneurial teams from Chung Cheng University signed up the LOI with Tsou Kuba Cultural Development Association.
This is an image Chung Cheng University develops the face masking recognition system in cooperation with Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital to protect the front line of public health care sector.
This is an image Together with Science, we help children stand on the shoulders of the giants.
This is an image "Stratus Sea” created by the alumni of CCU help you to catch the sea of clouds.
This is an image CCU President Zhan-Hua Fong and Professor Shuo-Yi Zhang from the Department of Accounting and Information Technology both won the award of Machinery Industry Contribution.
This is an image Improvement on Electricity Utilization, Professor Yung-Kang Wu at CCU pioneered in "Offshore Island Electricity Defense Platform"
This is an image As the top expert of tribology in Taiwan, Professor Yeau-Ren Jeng of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at CCU is awarded a medal by STLE.
This is an image First institution for breeding talents, “McDonald Academy” at CCU helps upgrade enterprise training.
This is an image CCU makes a remarkable achievement on saving electricity, and saves more than 40 million NT dollars in 8 years.
This is an image Does the air quality reach the “purple” level? CCU’s Instantaneously Monitoring System for the Campus Environment tells you about it.
This is an image The winner for Wu Ta-You Memorial Award has been announced. Professor Hong-Yu Chu of the Department of Physics at CCU wins the prize.