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Entrepreneurship Environment

Bamboo and Bamboo Charcoal Innovation for Sustainable Consumption and Production

Bamboo and Bamboo Charcoal Innovation-Sustainable Consumption and Production. This project incorporates local bamboo-related industries, including the traditional bamboo industry and bamboo charcoal and vinegar stores to create a successful industry alliance that would optimize existing products and cultural creative marketing, improve the efficacy of products and its industrial value, cultivate professionals and a collaborative platform for industry-academia partnership, provide local community with experienced talents, and fulfill the university's social responsibility. The transformation of the bamboo industry is conducive to the development of new agriculture, cultural placemaking a circular economy, and green energy. By developing new equipment, cultivating cross-disciplinary talents and guiding local bamboo industry in industrial upgrading and transformation, CCU looks towards realize its social responsibility.

CCU Incubator at STSP

"CCU Incubator at STSP" refers to "STSP branch, Center of Technology Promotion, CCU" which was establish at a very early state in the in Southern Taiwan Science Park. As a University Social Responsibility (USR) practice, it aims to provide academic and research service to the industry. Now ”CCU Incubator at STSP“ works as a CCU Industrial Liaison Office (ILO) and dedicates it self towards technology promotion, industrial-university collaboration, along with providing incubation services together with international partners such as IIT Ropar Technology Business Incubator and Chitkara University Centre for Entrepreneurship Education Development.

Startup Land at CCU

The Startup Land at CCU is aimed at broadening innovation and entrepreneurship culture on campus. Through various startup competitions and entrepreneurship seminars that was used to encourage innovative ideas among faculty members and students, Startup Land at CCU has not only recruited 30 elite teams every year to receive further entrepreneurship courses training and valuable mentorship from professors and industry leading entrepreneurs, but also provided valuable connection to other government research and development agencies, universities, and domestic and international venture capital and entrepreneur communities. These interactions will greatly enrich the resources, experience, and knowledge needed by our students with potentials and dreams to turn their own business ideas into full corporations.

AI Robot Maker Space

The mission of AI Robots Self-Manufacturing Base in National Chung Cheng University is to promote the talents of AI robots in self-manufacturing and AI applications. Teachers in this base are all experts in the area of Robots Self-Manufacturing, Financial technology and Artificial Intelligence. Teachers teach and interact with students to promote their AI and manufacturing knowledge. In this base, we provide a couple of technical lectures including micro-control robots, IOTs communication, AI, Fintech, etc. We also provide a large maker space to let students have enough space to realize their self-manufacturing. In addition, three MOOCs lectures related to AI and AI applications are available. 

Indo-Taiwan Joint Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The research center is organized as a multi-national multi-location collaborative framework with mutually beneficial shared goals for excellence in technical research, as well as academia, academia-industry collaborations. At the initial stage (first year of the project ranges from December 2018 to November 2019), the founding members of the research center are the National Chung Cheng University, IIT Ropar, and Chitkara University. In the later stages (second year of the project from December 2019 to November 2020), we intend to invite Amity University to join this collaborative effort. Universities participating in establishing the research center will be henceforth termed as partner universities, and this currently includes CCU, IIT Ropar, and Chitkara University a full-stop prior is not needed.. offices of CCU.