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Research Center For Precision Molding

Research Center For Precision Molding

Vision and mission     

Manufacturing industry is the lifeblood of Taiwan’s economy, and molding is fundamental to the mass production of manufacturing industry. Over the past forty years, Taiwan has accumulated a large amount of mold processing experiences through product OEM and export processing, driving the development of mold-related industries and facilitating economic development in Taiwan. In recent years, due to the shift of industrial center of gravity and the wave of Industry 4.0, the manufacturing requiring a lot of manpower has turned to intelligentized production. Take automated mold manufacturing that appeals to intelligentization as an example. In addition to the link of front-end CAD/CAM and ERP system interface, the combination of back-end automatic machine through the real-time production control system, connects the whole plant management system, design/manufacturing/automatic machinery equipment, automatic process, etc., and achieves the entire plant automatic control from order to product delivery. 
 Intelligentized molding has been developed in Europe for more than 20 years. Taiwan is still in the initial stage and lacks complete system research and development and technology integration. Research Center of Precision Molding in National Chung Cheng University follows the government’s policy of assisting industrial upgrading and enhancing the international competitiveness of the industry, to assist the upgrading of Taiwan’s mold industry and related precision manufacturing products, and retain core technology in Taiwan. The foundation of the Center aims to guide the research direction of the relevant professors and enhance the technical development of the industry by combining the advanced academic research with the practical needs of the industry. It will bring both strengths of both parties into play and enable the production, government, education and research to brainstorm and work together to facilitate the sustainable development of machinery in Taiwan and mold industry, and achieve the purpose of assisting the upgrading of mold industry and enhancing the international competitiveness of the related industry.

Contact Information 

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Address: No.168, Sec. 1, University Rd., Min-Hsiung Township, Chia-yi County 621, Taiwan (R.O.C.)