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Center for Nano Bio-Detection

Center for Nano Bio-detection Technology Research

Because of rapid progress of nano-technology in the past decades, numerous nano-materials have been developed. The main research focus of our center has aimed on investigating novel nano-technology for bio-detections. To hybrid nano-technology and life science, scientists have used the feature properties of nano-materials, such as high activity, high specific area, high surface activation energy, unique photoelectric effect…etc., to develop novel bio-detection technology to investigate information contained in biomolecules, and to hope reducing test costs and improving test performance. Furthermore, we have been integrating nano bio-detection technology with precision MEMS technology to develop portable, automated, highly sensitive and specific, and durable biosensors with real time detection response to carry out continuous monitoring tasks.

There are several application areas of nano bio-detection technology in our daily life in the following,

  1. Biomedical test: cancer, tumor, and disease screening; hormone test; surgery monitoring, drug test, bioanalysis; serum test.

  2. Industry test: chemical and industrial waste water monitoring and control.

  3. Food test: Microbiological test; pesticide residue; food process control; nutrition analysis.

  4. Environmental test: the monitoring of air, water, soil, and toxins.

  5. Agriculture test: animal and plant disease test; soil test; water test.

  6. Biosafety protection test: biological warfare agent test; toxin test; virus and bacteria test.

 Using nano bio-detection technology, various bio-information can be provided in real time, helping people receive warnings in time from the environments or find out any dysfunctions in their bodies to respond actively. Therefore, the life quality improvement can highly benefited from the progress of nano bio-detection technology.

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