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Taiwan Legal Information Institute

Taiwan Legal Information Institute

Introduction to TaiwanLII

The goal of TaiwanLII is to promote free access to law under the auspices of the LII Families. To achieve free access to law, there are distinctive obstacles in different countries and areas, which may involve economic, political, socio-cultural, structural or a mixture of various factors.
The main scheme
Therefore, strategies must be set to move local obstacles with short-term and long-term missions. The short-term task of TaiwanLII is to work closely with the LII friends and design a culturally-situated strategy to promote free access to law in a capitalist Chinese society with a continental law system. To help with this, the TaiwanLII e-courses may serve as models to develop promotion programmes for an easy access, which is the substance for "free access” with no knowledge barriers.
Research cooperation

  1. LII family
  2. Lawsnote
  3. Ministry of Educatio
  4. Ministry of Science
  5. the professors of CCU

Latest research results
Recently, TaiwnaLII has conducted research on the human rights of the elderly through Lawpack and cooperation with Lawsnote, and has constructed a transnational legal database related to the human rights of the elderly through the induction of relevant materials. In addition, the director of the center is also committed to the promotion of science and technology laws, and has recorded many introductory films on the theme of the human rights of the elderly. we also invited experts from the domestic and international elders to hold many speeches.
Contact Information 

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Address: No.168, Sec. 1, University Rd., Min-Hsiung Township, Chia-yi County 621, Taiwan (R.O.C.)