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Leading Edge Processing Rolling and Forging Technology Research Center

Leading Edge Processing Rolling and Forging Technology Research Center

Leading edge processing can be defined as an engineering technology that adopts new technology or a technology combines multidisciplinary fields—a new processing technology breaks the limits of traditional manufacturing by adopting newly developed tools or methodologies.  Moreover, the new technology includes the traditional manufacturing process added in precise on-line measurement, synchronizing control and numerical analysis prediction to enhance the precision and additional values These new technologies could applied to large-scale processing such as hot and cold rolling thermo-control of steel or special alloy industries and forging process; they also could use to micro/naro devices include the systems of NEMS, IC and MEMS Packaging, and opto-electric device.  The breakthrough on traditional manufacturing process includes tiny manufacturing process such as precise micro manufacturing; and solid fricition stir processing is also a kind of processing that subverts tradition.

The leading edge processing technology research center bears the goal of developing the state-of-the-art technologies that surpass the conventional manufacturing processes in concepts and in practice. Innovative methodologies and potential application fields are explored for pursuing academic as well as technological advancement. The currently on-going research topics include:

  1. Friction stir processing (FSP) technology including development of an FSP- machine center.

  2. Numerical tools and visualization on steel rolling process.

  3. Analysis and visualization of 3D additive manufacturing.

  4. Research and development of micro-machined transducers for industrial and biomedical applications.

  5. Development of microfluidic system for rapid detection of circulating tumor cells integrated with magnetic nanoparticles and aptamers.

  6. Design and fabricate the protein preconcentratiors utilizing the self assembly monolayer (SAM) of gold nanoparticles.

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