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The Research Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences

The Research Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences , RCHSS

The Taiwan institute for the Humanities (TIH) was awarded the subsidy of the Ministry of Education's top research center in 2005-2006. In 2009, it was reorganized into RCHSS. We understand Physical and mental health together constitute the foundation of the “Active Aging” concept. To fully understand how the process of aging affects the cognitive abilities of an individual, it is first necessary to evaluate the physical and mental state of the elderly. The evaluation results are also useful in developing an educational training system which meets the needs of the elderly. Accordingly, the research topics in the mental health care field will be divided into two broad areas, namely (1) Cognitive Abilities and Functions of the Brain, (2) Language Interpretation and Language Expression. In the Cognitive Abilities and Functions of the Brain research area, fMRI, EEG, MEG, DTI and other brain radiography and neuro-anatomical techniques will be employed to collect and analyze related data in order to understand the process of semantic integration and the neuro-mechanisms of episodic memory, sleeping and error control, respectively. Meanwhile, the Language Interpretation and Language Expression research projects will design an appropriate evaluation system with which to observe, evaluate and analyze the consequences of a degeneration of an individual’s linguistic communication capabilities in terms of their basic needs in daily life.

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