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Crime Research Center

Crime Research Center

Vision and mission  

“Crime Research Center” runs by the current faculty of Department and Graduate Institute of Criminology, working together with scholars of College of Education, College of Management, College of Law, College of Social Sciences, College of Science, and College of Engineering from National Chung Cheng University to form a strong research team. “Crime research Center” is not only the first research team of criminal justice field in Taiwan, but also one of the important features of National Chung Cheng University. 


Our research center organized with scholars of multi-fields. Research center has one Emeritus Director, one center Director, one center Vice Director, and one Chief Executive Officer. Center Director in charges of research center’s business as inviting experts and scholars to develop advisory group and research group. Besides Chief Executive Officer, four categories of center business are also included: the event PR team, research develop team, international exchange team, and administration group.

Key research streams

  1. Drug abuse prevention

  2. Adolescent delinquency and prevention

  3. Domestic violence and sexual assault prevention

  4. Property and enterprise crime prevention

  5. Consultation skill research and development

  6. Crime prevent and protection research

  7. New and developing crime research

Future development

  1. Implement of local criminology academic and effective crime prevention development.

  2. Implement of crime prevention in the interdisciplinary academic integration. 

  3. Implement and promote Taiwan and international criminology and crime prevention academic and research exchanges including publications, scholars visit, and international conferences… etc.

  4. Implement of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), institution, and organization’s academic development related projects. 

  5. Implement and to train advance researchers and promote international scholars exchange to increase Taiwan’s academic value around international status.  

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