National Chung Cheng University Signed a Cooperation Agreement with and Chiayi Christian Hospital Achieve Outstanding Performance of Collaboration

    To encourage university professors to put research into practice and develop new medical models, National Chung Cheng University and Chiayi Christian Hospital signed a memorandum of cooperation. In the future, the two sides will integrate resources, make cross-domain research more vigorous, and enhance Chiayi district medical technology and medical services.

    National Chung Cheng University and Chiayi Christian Hospital have quite a lot of cooperation cases because of the close distance. The signing this time is to expand the cooperation projects and scope. It will not only carry out cross-domain research cooperation on Wise Information Technology of med, Telemedicine, Elderly Care will carry out cross-field research cooperation, and it is also expected to set up a research center in National Chung Cheng University and cultivate high-quality research talents for related doctoral programs.

    "The cooperation between the two parties achieve synergy." said Fong Zhan-Hua, the president of National Chung Cheng University. The current topics of 3D printing, biomedicine, and chemistry are often covered by National Chung Cheng University teachers, and they are also willing to conduct joint research with Chiayi.

    Wei-Ren Yao, Dean of Chiayi Christian Hospital, pointed out that he is grateful to National Chung Cheng University for its spare time in cultivating talents and providing many on-the-job training opportunities for Chiayi physicians. It is hoped that this expansion of the contract will enable the two parties to have comprehensive exchanges, establish platforms and cooperation models.

    National Chung Cheng University has abundant R&D energy and equipment in the fields of biomedicine, functional gene, and micro biomedical testing technology. In recent years, National Chung Cheng University has developed specialties such as hyperspectral image detection technology and medical optomechanical system design, which will help hospitals expand into the field of Wise Information Technology of med.

    With the development of medical technology and the multiculturalism of patients, Chiayi Christian Hospital has established several research centers to stimulate employees' research creativity and deepen research topics. At the same time, Chiayi Christian Hospital also maintains the accessibility of the academic research environment. In addition to have good relations with neighboring partners, it is also committed to developing medical research resources in Southern Taiwan.