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Ph.D. Program in Science, Technology, Environment and Mathematics

Program Ph.D. Program in Science, Technology, Environment and Mathematics
About the Program The STEM PhD Program is based on current industry trends and combines the advanced courses in physics, chemistry and biochemistry, biochemical, biomedical and environmental sciences. The program, featuring project-based courses, focuses on novel biomaterial synthesis, measurement of properties, design of biosensing electronic components, application to biotechnology and the environmental impact. It provides graduate students with systematically-designed interdisciplinary courses and aims to cultivate interdisciplinary talents in academia and industry in an all-English environment, to improve students’ international competitiveness, and to take a leading role in interdisciplinary education.

Curriculum plan and requirements
• Graduation Credits: 18 credits (Four credits of the seminar are Obligatory;registered dissertation credits excluded)
• After Completion of a minimum of 6 hours of academic research ethics courses is required in the first semester.
StuStudents should pass the qualifying examination within four years of admission.
• ​​​​​​At least one research article that the student being the first author or corresponding author and is accepted by SCI journals is required.
Unique Features
1. Interdisciplinary Learning
2. Industry-Academia Cooperation
3. Diversified and Extensive Training
Academic Staff
The feature of this program is to integrate all faculties and resources in the College of Science for interdisciplinary researches. Therefore, in addition to professors in the STEM PhD Program, students may also seek those at the Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Department of Biomedical Sciences as their academic advisors.
• CCU Scholarship Award for International Student
  (1) waiver of tuition and miscellaneous fees / free on-campus accommodation (including summer/winter break) living stipend on a semester basis
(2) available to all intemational students except for recipients of any kinds of governmental scholarships
(3) apply on a semester basis after first year of enrollment
CCU Overseas Research Scholarships ORS for Ph.D Students
limited to a maximum of 30 awardees per academic year
  (2) varied grants based on students' performance
Employment Opportunities Students can seek jobs in academic institutes, companies related to nanotechnology and biomedicine, or take public servant examinations to get the job in government.
Contact information Name:Ms. Cheng
TEL: +886-5-2720411#61004
Coronavirus update STEM PhD Program has responded by offering virtual courses for prospect international students during the pandemic. Visit CCU’s coronavirus website for detailed information about the university policies.