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Ph.D. program of Accounting and Information Technology

Program Ph.D. program of Accounting and Information Technology
About the Program The Ph.D. program in CCU AIT trains students to be successful in the fields of accounting and information technology related academic researches, which admits both part-time and full-time students. The Ph.D. students are cultivated with rigorous coursework, seminar and workshop with leading experts in areas of accounting, managerial accounting, auditing and information technology. Our Ph.D. students have the opportunity to learn, develop and collaborate on interesting and innovative research topics with faculty members. At this end, the PhD students gain valuable experiences and have the opportunity to publish research works with co-authored in peer-reviewed journals.

Curriculum plan and requirements
• Ph.D. students are required to earn a minimum of 27 credits of coursework in the degree program.
• After completing all coursework requirements and passing the qualifying exam, students had achieved dissertator status to become Ph.D. candidates.
• Students receive rigorous training in specialized areas of accounting and information technology. In addition, students need to collaborate with faculty on research projects and achieve publication requirements.
Unique Features

1. The fundamental nature of and trends in accounting and information technology-related research courses.
2. Developing double skills in accounting and information technology research skills.
3. High-quality research at the frontiers of knowledge in accounting and information technology.
Academic Staff
• Accounting Area:
    ♦ Shaio Yan Huang
    ♦ Y. C. George Lin
    ♦ Chen-Hui Wu
    ♦ Chia-Ling Chao
    ♦ Pei-Gin Hsieh
    ♦ Chia-Chun Hsieh
    ♦ Chia-Ching Cho
    ♦ Yu-Hsuan Chung
• Information Technology Area:
    ♦ Shi-Ming Huang
    ♦ She-I Chang
    ♦ Yo-Zhong Hong
    ♦ Hsu-Che Wu
    ♦ Hsien-Lian Chiu
    ♦ Yu-Feng Hsu
• All PhD full-time students admitted to the program will be offered a funding package
    ♦ Overseas Research Scholarships (ORS)
    ♦ Monthly a teaching or project assistant stipend
    ♦ Comprehensive MOST plan funding
    ♦ University Fellowship
• Additional Support
    ♦ Financial support from The Alumni Association of AIT
    ♦ Funding for research presentations at major conferences
Employment Opportunities The Accounting and Information Technology Ph.D. program takes four to five years to complete depends on the rigor of the student's academic aptitude in accounting, information technology, and management. Our program consists of dual areas: Accounting and Information Technology. It is recognized as the only first dual-skills Ph.D. program in Taiwan. Our Ph.D. alumni are contributing to the dissemination of knowledge in specialized areas of accounting and information technology. They are on the faculty in research, teaching, and service at domestic or international universities.

Contact information Name:Ms.HSU,YI-WEN