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Category Title Date
Award Kick-starting International Academic Exchange in Gerontology – National Chung Cheng University Promotes the Application of a Gerontology Database
Award Two CCU professors are among 10 nationwide recipients to be honored with the “Outstanding Engineering Professor Award”
Award Devoting Oneself to the Einstein Program - Assistant Professor Yu-Hsiu Lin from the Department of Information Management Investigates the Occurrence of Dementia among 921 Earthquake Survivors with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Award "Stratus Sea” created by the alumni of CCU help you to catch the sea of clouds.
Award Improvement on Electricity Utilization, Professor Yung-Kang Wu at CCU pioneered in "Offshore Island Electricity Defense Platform"
Award CCU President Zhan-Hua Fong and Professor Shuo-Yi Zhang from the Department of Accounting and Information Technology both won the award of Machinery Industry Contribution.
Award As the top expert of tribology in Taiwan, Professor Yeau-Ren Jeng of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at CCU is awarded a medal by STLE.
Award CCU makes a remarkable achievement on saving electricity, and saves more than 40 million NT dollars in 8 years.
Award First institution for breeding talents, “McDonald Academy” at CCU helps upgrade enterprise training.
Award Does the air quality reach the “purple” level? CCU’s Instantaneously Monitoring System for the Campus Environment tells you about it.
Award The winner for Wu Ta-You Memorial Award has been announced. Professor Hong-Yu Chu of the Department of Physics at CCU wins the prize.