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Fiber-Optic Particle Plasmon Resonance Biosensor

Method Of Recognizing Gender Or Age Of A Speaker According To Speech Emotion Or Arousal


Category Title Date
計畫徵求 Top Hot 科技部110年「產學技術聯盟合作計畫」(以下簡稱產學小聯盟)即日起至109824(星期一)前受理線上申請,逾期不予受理
Award Prof. Wen-hsin Hsieh from the Department of Mechanical Engineering invents a rapid screening platform for inflammatory factors of sepsis that produces results within an hour
Award Seizing opportunities to tackle environmental challenges – Insights from Dr. Eugene Chien of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energ
Award Reinforcing industry-academia exchange between sports and medicine – CCU signs a memorandum of cooperation with Dalin Tzu Chi Hospita
Award Dr. Hsiao-Yuh Ku of the Graduate Institute of Education is awarded the Wu Ta-You Memorial Award for her insights regarding Taiwan’s education reforms from the perspective of educational history and philosophy in the UK
Award Dr. Ruey-Chyuan Shih of the National Chung Cheng University (CCU) Graduate Institute of Seismology deduces the possible westward extension of the Meishan fault based on soil liquefaction data
Award Cheers Magazine, a publication of the Commonwealth Magazine Group, interviews President Zhang-Hua Fong for their Best Graduate Schools Guide
Award Professor Hsiang-Chen Wang of the National Chung Cheng University (CCU) Department of Mechanical Engineering develops an effective esophageal cancer stage detection method with an accuracy of up to 85%
Award National Chung Cheng University opens an unmanned AI restaurant where robots seat guests, take orders, and brew coffee
Award Kick-starting International Academic Exchange in Gerontology – National Chung Cheng University Promotes the Application of a Gerontology Database
Award Two CCU professors are among 10 nationwide recipients to be honored with the “Outstanding Engineering Professor Award”
Award Devoting Oneself to the Einstein Program - Assistant Professor Yu-Hsiu Lin from the Department of Information Management Investigates the Occurrence of Dementia among 921 Earthquake Survivors with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Award "Stratus Sea” created by the alumni of CCU help you to catch the sea of clouds.
Award CCU President Zhan-Hua Fong and Professor Shuo-Yi Zhang from the Department of Accounting and Information Technology both won the award of Machinery Industry Contribution.
Award Improvement on Electricity Utilization, Professor Yung-Kang Wu at CCU pioneered in "Offshore Island Electricity Defense Platform"
Award As the top expert of tribology in Taiwan, Professor Yeau-Ren Jeng of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at CCU is awarded a medal by STLE.
Award First institution for breeding talents, “McDonald Academy” at CCU helps upgrade enterprise training.
Award CCU makes a remarkable achievement on saving electricity, and saves more than 40 million NT dollars in 8 years.
Award Does the air quality reach the “purple” level? CCU’s Instantaneously Monitoring System for the Campus Environment tells you about it.
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